As Netflix continues to grow is it killing television? - 5 days ago
When Netflix was born, many heralded it as the death of pay television, though by definition they are one and the same. That bruising first round established a low point of entry - just US$10 a month...

The Defenders is the Marvel team-up you hoped for

Iron Fist and all - 2 days ago
The Defenders is the type of superhero streaming that we've come to expect from Netflix's live-action Marvel productions. Well worth the wait, the new show is every bit the event that Marvel...

Diana Clement: Netflix, Lightbox, bundled power

which broadband deal? - 2 weeks ago
There's a lot of competition in broadband land, but before you jump ship, make sure you're not going to be hit with an early termination fee. If you have changed provider or upgraded in the...

New on DVD: 'Guardians' sequel good, not great

Worcester Telegram - 1 hour ago
If you haven't watched the series, it's a good time to pick up the DVD series as Cox reprises his role as Daredevil/Matt Murdock for the new Netflix series, “The Defenders.” He joins Iron...

Why is The Crown so obsessed with Prince Philip's adultery?

New Zealand Herald - 7 hours ago
Historians and Royal watchers reacted with anger last night after it was revealed that the new series of The Crown will resurrect rumours of Prince Philip's supposed philandering. Explosive...

New Riverdale trailer reveals something bad is brewing - 2 days ago
The Netflix drama, which is due to come out in October and stars New Zealand-based actress Nathalie Boltt​, had a shock season one finale. Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) take a bullet for his son Archie...

Video rentals changed New Zealand but the sparkle is gone - 2 days ago
Statistics New Zealand said there were 279 video and other electronic media rental and hiring stores in the country last year, but noted this included computer and video game rentals. Dawson...

Sensational claims by Netflix documentary What The Health slammed by experts

New Zealand Herald - 2 weeks ago
A popular Netflix documentary that claims eating eggs is as bad as smoking cigarettes has been slammed by health professionals for scaremongering and "cherrypicking" scientific studies....

Last Video Ezy in Nelson closes

Nelson Mail - 4 days ago
Since taking over the store three years ago, Davis said the decline in patronage had been noticeable. "When we took over there were 60 Video Ezys in New Zealand. When we finish there'll be...

Small profit rise for Spark

Otago Daily Times - 2 days ago
The company successfully migrated 800,000 customer email accounts safely to New Zealand-based SMX and entered new partnerships with Netflix and Spark arena to complement its Lightbox and Spotify...

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  1. Hi team. Was watching last kingdom by bernard cornwell last night and today cannot find the series..

  2. Stephen Mackay

    can you please confirm when the TV series Spotless will be available on Netflix in New Zealand


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